YouTube Revenue Calculator : How To Find Earnings

Hey YouTubers, do you also want to know how much you are earning? Moreover, how much you can earn more from your YouTube channel? Not only new YouTubers but even big and established YouTube channels and YouTubers want to know how much money they are making.

Moreover, how much more money they can make from their respective YouTube channel. So Today in this post I am going to tell you how you can measure or calculate your YouTube channel earning by manually yourself and using some online Youtube Adsense earnings calculator.

YouTube adsense Ad Revenue Calculator

In today’s post, we are going to learn two ways to calculate our YouTube Adsense earning. The first method is by calculating money through YouTube Analytics. And, the second one is by using an online YouTube earning calculator.

Checking and Calculating YouTube Adsense Earnings Using Analytics.

This method is the Best method, and I use this method personally for myself and recommend everyone. Most of the new beginners do not know how to use YouTube Analytics correctly.

  • To use analytics as Adsense earnings calculator just head over to youtube analytics in your youtube dashboard. For the ease of understanding, I am adding screenshots of my temporary channel.
    Youtube Dashboard
  • Under Analytics section Go to Revenue option.adsense estimated earnings
  • Now just scroll down, and you can see the youtube ad revenue according to Video or date wise. This is very useful to calculate which type of video is giving you more money. Just find and make more videos related to that ad revenue according to date and view
  • Now go to Ad Rates Section and here you can see the CPM of your youtube channel. In simple language, CPM means the money you get on 1000 ads playback on your video. Don’t get confused. I am talking about 1000 ads playback, not 1000 video ad rates - google adsense revenue calculator

After getting the CPM, you can quickly calculate how much YouTube ad revenue you are getting. I like this method because here I can find the correct ad rates, and which video is paying me more. So that I can make few more videos around that topic. And it is also useful for knowing that from which country you are getting more earnings so that it next time you can target that country.

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Finding YouTube Adsense Earnings using online YouTube income Calculator

There are a lot of tools available on the internet which claims you to show YouTube adsense earnings of a Channel. But only a few of them are legit and genuine. So here, I am presenting a website called Using This site, You can easily calculate revenue and subscriber of any YouTube channel. Here I am listing some of the features of this site that you will get-

  1. Estimated Yearly Earnings
  2. Estimated Yearly Earnings
  3. Youtube Stats Summary For the last month
  4. And also a Progress Graph Of A YouTube Channel
  5. And much More
socialblade youtube adsense ad revenue calculator

So Now the point comes, How this website can be used as Youtube revenue estimator. First of all, go to and search any youtube channel that you want to inspect. After selecting your Respective choice of channel, just go through the stats and find out how much that channel is earning. You can also see daily estimated subscribers growth as well as daily earning and also the daily views of that channel.

social blade youtube channel analytics

Last Words:-

So, guys, I hope this article helped you. And If you have any other better method which can be used to calculate Youtube Adsense earnings. Then do not forget to share it with all of us in the comment section. And if you liked this post then just share it with other YouTubers.

Be sure to say “Hi” in the comment section. So guys, goodbye and keep growing.

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