5 Ways to Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense

Hey YouTubers, welcome again. Do you are also struggling to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel in the year 2018? or Does your YouTube AdSense account also get disabled due to some copyright strike or community guideline strike? And now you are finding how to Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense? If it is, then this post is going to be very useful for you.

Wait!! if your YouTube AdSense is working properly then don’t quit reading. This post is also going to be very helpful for you. After going through this post, I am damn sure that you will be making an impressive amount of extra income from your YouTube channel. So today in this article I am sharing some of best ways that will help you to make an additional income from your YouTube channel.

Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense

So let me tell you the methods which I am going to describe as best YouTube Adsense alternatives

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Sponsored Product
  3. By using refer and earn program
  4. Sell your products and Services
  5. Promote others channel and website

Affiliate Marketing :- Best YouTube Adsense Alternative

Affiliate marketing is the first and best method in 2018 that everyone would recommend you if you ask. Most of you have heard already about affiliate marketing. So if you have not heard about the term Affiliate Marketing, then please let me tell you a little bit about affiliate marketing.1000 Ways To Get Free Subscribers

Affiliate marketing is a quite simple process. It is a type of marketing in which you have to promote a product (Called Affiliate product). So if anyone Buys the product from your referral link. Then you will be paid commission for this sale.

To make It easier let’s take a simple example so that you can get the point. For example, I have a youtube channel based on tech, and I review gadgets and now to earn money from affiliate marketing I will join some of the affiliate programs such as Amazon. After that, I will review any device or product on my channel and leave the affiliate link to buy the product in the description. Now, whenever anyone uses my affiliate link to purchase the product. Then I will earn A fixed commission from that sale.

Now it totally depends on you. As per your YouTube channel niche(category) you can quickly join any affiliate company that matches your channel videos. Also, then use that product in your videos and promote it. Moreover, be sure that these affiliate products are related to your channel. So that you can get maximum sales from the link. Moreover, if the affiliate product will be irrelevant to your video, then I do not think there would be any sale.

Expected Earning: – You easily make $10-$50 per product. Earning depends on your affiliate product.

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Create A Blog For YouTube Channel

This method is also very popular nowadays. That’s why I am listing this method in the second place.  You Have to create a blog or website related to your youtube channel. And then on this new website, you can either share articles related ton your videos and simple embed (put) your youtube video in it. And also you can simply create a website for selling your product or just share your video on website with some more info.

Now the question is that “How to make a blog/website? And then how to earn from it?” You can use Blogger.com To create a free blog for your youtube channel. There are also many services that can be used to create blog/website such as wordpress.com, WordPress (Self-hosted).

Wanna earn money by promoting sponsored products? You can give this a try. If your channel has a good number of active subscribers and viewers. Then you can quickly make some extra income by promoting some sponsored product from the Internet.

Also, I am sure that you will found this method also fascinating. However, in this method, you have to work a little bit in making videos for the sponsored product or company.

Now the question arises how to get sponsored products? The best way to get sponsored products for your YouTube channel is by joining some of best famous websites like Famebit that provide sponsored products posts to promote on your channel and earn extra income.

Famebit - Earn from YouTube

However, it has a limitation: – Your You-tube channel must have 5,000 subscribers to apply for this.

Another great way is that you have to find some companies and product related to your YouTube channel and then approach the companies directly and tell them that you want to review their product on your YouTube channel.

For Example – You can contact any web hosting provider if you have a channel related to website and web designing.

By using refer and earn program

On the vast internet, there are a lot of referring and earn programs available for you to earn money. Refer and earn program are very similar to affiliate marketing. But in this, your referral person don’t need to buy anything. They have to just signup!

But the negative part of this method is that it’s earning are very low if compared to other ways.

Sell your products and services

If you are a manufacturer or if you provide some digital products and services such as Graphics designing or something else. Then you can also make money using this. Let’s take an example you are a web designer, or if you are a part-time blogger. Then you can provide your services such as writing articles and post for websites, or you can design or customize any website. Then you can easily tell your viewers and subscribers about this and can earn extra income.

For example, you can sell your products directly to your audience by giving a link to buy in the description of your YouTube video.

Promote others channel and website

This method is very simple, and you can earn a good amount of money from this. You have to just find some of the new upcoming/growing website and YouTube channel related to your channel.

Promote YouTube channels?

Note: – Your YouTube channel must have a decent amount of active subscribers and viewers. I will recommend you that your channel must have 5000 subscribers.

Summing Up:-

So, guys, these are the methods that you can use as YouTube Adsense alternatives in 2018. I hope this guide will help you in making some extra income through your YouTube channel. And if you think that I have missed out some best ways, then don’t hesitate in telling us. Do share your method with us in the comment section and we will try to update that in the post.

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