How To Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast

I am not going to talk about free YouTube subscribers hack, bot, Generator or sub4sub.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you some genuine methods on how to get some free YouTube subscribers in 2017.

Get Free YouTube Subscribers Fast

So, without wasting any more time , I will straightly jump into the post and will tell you some Ultimate steps to increase your YouTube subscribers for free.

So firstly I want to list down all the methods that we are going to cover in this post. And if you know any of them, just skip that one or directly jumped to your desired one.

  1. Make a video for another channel – Like Guest post in Blogging
  2. Collab with Blogs related your channel
  3. Join Facebook groups Related to Your Channel Niche and Get Free Youtube Subscribers Fast
  4. By organizing Some free giveaways

1- Make a video for another channel/ Collab With Other YouTubers

If you know about blogging, then you will know a term called “Guest Blogging or Guest Post”?

However, if you do not know what actually guest post is, then let me explain to you. I will try to keep the explanation as short as possible.

Collaborate With Youtubers to Get Free Subscribers

Guest Post is like writing a regular post as you write, but on another blog(*not on your another blog 😛 it means someone else’s blog).

Guest blogging is a way used by bloggers to improve their presence and their blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on another bloggers’ blogs.

Now let’s come back to our point. Similarly, you can follow the same procedure on YouTube also.

OnYouTube, you have to find some of the channels which are related to your channel’s niche(category). So then post a video there and add a link to your channel in the description.

Now here is a step by step way to get your video published on another channel and gain free YouTube subscriber fast.

  1. First, for all find some good channels related to your channel. Now you will say, “that it is not a big game, I can easily find.” However, wait!! You have to keep some key points in your mind, before finding channels.
    • The channel should have a same number of subscribers as you have. Confusing? Let’s understand with an example. Say, you have a YouTube channel with 1k subscribers then you must find channels which have subscribers between 1k-5k. Because if you go to more bigger channels, they will just reject your request. Not all…However, most of them do.
  2. Why they will publish your video? .. Dear, Don’t be a selfish :P. Also, think about other’s, if you want to be your video posted on their (means on another channel), you must provide them a super quality content. So that they can post it happily. Moreover, if possible, you can also ask them to post a video on your channel so that they can also reach more audience.
  3. How to contact them? This is last but not the least. To contact the admin/owner of the channel, you have to message them on their FB page or on any other social platform on which they are available. You can also message on their email address if provided in the about section. Alternatively, directly go to their website and use their contact form or comment on their site.

2) Do Collaboration with other Blogs and Websites?

This is another a very great method that will not only increase your subscribers and views but will also help your video to rank higher in youtube search.

Because if your video will be embedded on any blog or website, then it is considered as a positive point for YouTube search ranking.

1000 Ways To Get Free Subscribers

So now let’s come back to the point. As in the previous method, we learned how to post your video on another YouTube channel.

Similarly, this technique is not so different from the above method, but let’s see the steps.

  1. First, find a blog related to your YouTube channel. Now it depends on your YouTube channel, if your YouTube channel is new, then approach to blogs/websites which have 200-500 visits daily. Moreover, if your channel is big, then you can approach to more prominent blogs/websites?
  2. How to Contact Blog owner? To get your video embed in a post on your desired blog. First of all, find an article related to your video. Alternatively, you can create a quality video related to any post on the blog. Now just use the contact page to contact the owner of the blog. You can also comment and ask them for their email id so that you can contact.
  3. Remember that when you are emailing/messaging them also include your channel link and channel details such as subscribers count in the email. Moreover, do not forget to tell them that you are going to add their blog post link in your video description :).

3) Get Free YouTube Subscribers From Facebook

In this case, just for an example, I am a taking food/cooking channel (See Screenshot Below).

Then you have to search for some great Facebook groups with many members, then share your videos there.

You will be surely driving a good number of views and some new subscribers to your channel.

Join facebook Groups to Get free Subscribers for Your Channel

Never join irrelative groups, because there will be no-one or very fewer people of your video interest. Then you will be not benefitted.

4) By organizing some Free giveaways For Your Subscribers On YouTube

I am listing this method at last because everyone can not follow this and even it is not so much efficient.

However, maybe it is helpful for you. Let’s see how you can get new free YouTube followers by organizing some giveaways.


In this method, you have to arrange a giveaway of any product (of course your subscribers will love it).

Now, just mention them some of the important points to win the giveaway prize. For example, you can tell them below points to do for winning the giveaway.

  • They must subscribe your channel.
  • They have to share your video on their Facebook and other social media.
  • Also, more steps you can add yourself….

So when your subscriber shares your video on his social media accounts, then you can get some subscribers from his friend/follow list.
However, as I said, this method is not for everyone, because it is not so easy to organize a great giveaway and sometimes we also do not get a good number of free subscribers.

5) How to Gain Youtube subscribers From Forums and Community

If you are ignoring the power of forums and community sites, then you are going to leave a considerable amount of subscribers base.

There is not much difference between this method and the 3rd method(Gaining youtube followers and views through Facebook groups). The major difference is that in this we are going to do the same things in the forums and community sites related to our youtube channel category.

What you have to do is just join the forums and community sites related to your channel. And then you have to find any discussion in the forum related to your video. After getting a good discussion topic, comment anything interesting or useful with your youtube videos link (Only post related video).

Q- Now the Question is How to find Forums Related to My YouTube channel?

So, the answer is very simple, you have to just google this simple footprint – “Your Keyword” “Forum” For example “Cooking Recipes” “Forums”. See below screenshot.

Free Subscribers Youtube

So I hope you got an idea for searching forums related to your youtube channel.

Guys if you really want to increase your Youtube Subscribers genuinely with real viewers. Then never ever think to buy subscribers for youtube channel. Becuase the subscribers provided to your channel are not Real youtube subscribers. Most of the seller use Youtube Subscribers Generator and Subscribers bot. So always prevent yourself from buying free youtube Subscribers

So, fellows, these are the methods you can use to gain free youtube subscribers daily. Also, be sure to bookmark this post, because we will update this post with some more methods. Furthermore, if you know any other way, through which we can get some good amount of free subscribers then do let us know in the comment section. We will try to add it up in the post.

The last but not the least, do not forget to say “Hi” in the comment and share this post with your fellow YouTubers. So, guys, I will meet you in next post. Till then keep smiling!

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