How To Increase YouTube Adsense Revenue – Top 3 Ways

Hey Youtubers, welcome to very another useful post. Many of my friend YouTubers asked me “How I can increase my youtube Adsense earning?” So, I explored the world of youtube earning. Moreover, I found a lot of beautiful ways to double your Youtube revenue using Google Adsense. So this will be a how-to guide and before telling you “How to Increase Youtube Adsense revenue,” I would like to discuss some basic tips for new YouTubers. So if you know the basics of youtube such as how to make better videos, thumbnail and all that. Then you can simply skip to the earning part.
How to increase YouTube adsense earnings

Improve Your Channel And Videos To Get More Views

If you are thinking ” Why I should read this?”. Then in simple words, I will tell you that Good Channel & Videos = Good Subscribers & Viewers = Good Amount of Money. 🙂

It is the first and the most important step toward a channel success. If you want to earn a lot from your videos, then you have to improve your channel as much as you can. So here the basic things you can do with your channel and videos to make them better.

Improve Your Videos and Content:

So here are some basic tips for beginners that they can apply to make their channel look pretty good.
  1. Make Your Videos in HD quality. Because YouTube likes good quality videos.
  2. Make videos on Low competition and give the best content.
  3. Add something funny in your video so that your videos do not get bored.
  4. Try to give some daily life examples in your video to make it better understandable.

Always Add Attractive Thumbnails:

  1. Always try to add some beautiful and glowing colors to your thumbnails.
  2. If you add your photo in the thumbnail with the related video title and image, then it will look professional.

Like – Subscribe – Share

Ask Your Viewers to Like Subscribe And Share your videos. Do they do this? Not all of the visitors do this, but if you can request then many of the viewers will do that.

And also read our guide on the Best time to upload YouTube videos So that you can get More views.

So these are the practices of Success YouTubers that you must follow. Now let us come to the main point. So let’s learn about making more money from youtube channel.

Best Strategies To Increase YouTube Adsense Revenue

So friends, below are the top ways that can add an extra revenue to your Youtube Adsense earning. So I can bet you that after reading this article you are going to learn some cool ways to increase your revenue. Without consuming any more time let’s dive in.

1- Use High CPC Keyword In Your Videos

Always try to add high CPC keywords in your video’s title, description, and tags. Moreover, for finding high CPC Keywords, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or any other premium tools such as semrush keyword tool, longtail pro, etc.

2- Make Your Videos of more than 10 minutes

This way is the best way that I like most. Try to make a quality video of more than 10 minutes, And when you publish or edit that video through your youtube video editor. Then in the monetization option, you can insert as many ads as you want in the video. However, friends, don’t be greedy. Do not add so many ads that it becomes annoying to see your video. I prefer to add only 3-4 ads in a video.

3- Use High Competition Keywords To get more ads On Your Video

This method is not for new YouTubers who have just stepped into the world of youtube. This Method is perfect for those youtube channels who have enough subscriber base to get views quickly.

What you have to do Is just find some high competition keywords with low monthly searches and high CPC. Again you can use the benefit of Google Keyword Planner to find such keywords.

Summing Up

So friends That’s All that we can do to increase our Google Adsense earning. However, always remember that these are the secondary step. The first and the important step is just to increase your youtube subscribers and Views.

So, guys, I hope you have enjoyed this article a lot. Moreover, if you have any other method to increase Google Adsense earning then share with all of Us in The comment section. Also, do not forget to share it with other YouTubers.

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