15 Ideas For Starting A YouTube Channel

Are you going to create a YouTube channel in 2018 to make money online but lack of YouTube Channel ideas hold you 😀 ? If yes, then don’t worry, the following post will address your long-term concern once and for all. Yes, right here, as your million dollar query of how to make a YouTube channel with exciting ideas, will find its implementation in an easy way.

After all, YouTube has become a sensation where people are earning millions. You just need to be creative and know the pulse of what your audience would want to see.

YouTube Channel Ideas


So, before, you start creating a YouTube channel, it is essential for you to introduce yourself along with the kind of channel videos you are going to create. It is better to directly help your viewers know who you are and the kind of videos you are going to make for online viewers. Yes, among the YouTube video ideas, it can be the funniest YouTube videos or related with niches such as fashion, cuisines, beauty, technology such as gaming, etc. Yes, if you want to create a YouTube video, then niches are vast.

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List Of Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Start

So, let’s take you towards the journey of how to find the best niches for you to start a YouTube channel to make money online:-

1- Create A Gadget-Centric YouTube

Any latest gadget which has come in the market? Make the first move and review the product as a significant percentage of your audience is likely to know the genuine review before they actually purchase the product. You are actually helping them in the process too.


Most of us double check from various authentic sources about the feasibility of the gadget and if the online viewers are getting the information through your YouTube videos, then expect a sudden growth for your channel as well

2- Create A Fitness Channel

The fast-paced professional life has certainly taken a toll on the lives of people who are already reeling under depression along with other ailments such as obesity, back pain, etc. It is due to the constant sitting posture for long where professionals are often subjected in offices.

Now, based on the same, there can’t be better niche idea than to start a YouTube channel for people to assist them accordingly by devising ways to remove their belly-fat, back-pain, etc.

You can suggest them the following:-

  1.  What steps do they need to take
  2. How easy it is for them to adopt procedures (recommended by you)
  3. How safe are the procedures mentioned
  4. Yes, you can suggest the kind of fruits they need to have, etc
    Your valuable tips will be greatly followed quite like the way you want.

3- Talk About Issues Concerning The Nation

Yes, your views with regards to how the country can be built and how you as an individual can contribute to the growth of country are valuable. You can start by telling about what you as an individual makes you proud and what are the areas which need improvements (talk about corruption). Likewise, you can also talk about how collective efforts can make the difference. This will give a sense of belongingness to people.

Yes, it will make them aware of the things to be done and how they can play their part towards nation building. Likewise, through starting YouTube channel, you are equally doing your duty as a citizen of the country. Similarly, there are loads of topics to cover such as politics, business news, sports, etc

4- Create Short Films for YouTube

You often hang-out with friends so the kind of camaraderie and naughtiness which you do amongst each other can act as the best mode of amusement for readers. Additionally, the best sightseeing while you travel places, also binds the interests of viewers.

Based on your interest and accompanying talent, creating short films with the circle of your friends as it seems to be quite a favorite mode of binding the interest of viewers. Yes, the short film should have a lesson for everyone to learn which will surely give your YouTube channel a boost.

5- Your Experience as a “LEADER” Counts

Yes, if you have experience as a leader, then your skill is going to be hugely demanded for general masses. You can share the tips for expansion of business and how to work with a far-sighted approach by maintaining relations so that you can register the success of a business. Yes, your experience with regards to the tips to avoid will greatly count.


As we all learn from mistakes and as you showcase those tips and suggestions which people need to follow to avoid getting in problems, then you are helping online viewers who will be quite attracted to your channel as they are directly getting benefited too

6- Create Funny Videos

Considering the current tensions in life, we do not want to miss the opportunities associated with lighter moments. Yes, creating a humorous video where viewers can have their share of a laugh. Yes, you along with your friends can jointly come up with such YouTube ideas and inspirations which can later gather loads of never ending views as well.

7- Create a Cooking Channel

YouTube is the best mechanism to guide people and likewise, if you are a chef or have considerable experience with creating dishes, then you can create a cooking channel.

Yes, people in India and adjoining countries just love to try new recipes and it gives your viewers an opportunity to know what’s up next. Your viewers will be tuned to you while you can create avenues of money-making as well.

8- Start A Sports YouTube Channel

Yeah, you read it right. In today’s world, everyone knows about sports and everyone has its own interest in one of the sports. So if you are master/intermediate in any of the sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket etc. then it is a golden opportunity for you. Just start a YouTube channel right now.

And start posting some good and cool stuff such as tips and tricks. The Plus point of this Category is that it has very less competition.

9- Become A Motivational Speaker On YouTube

The rising level competition to be ahead of the rest in order to continually out-perform the competitors does create a certain degree of hollowness with people at times. Yes, if unchecked those negative thoughts take the form of depression which will take a toll. Hence, this is where the need to get a boost through people who can raise their thought process by cheering them for all the hard work they have been doing over these years.

Yes, I am talking about the role of motivational speakers who will enhance their level of motivation by helping them realize how special they actually are.

Hence, one of the best niches for you to start a YouTube channel is to start a channel to motivate people. Yes, this will help them to think about the positivity of life and how actually the world is beautiful, unlike their perception. They will start removing their negativities by inculcating proper thought process for creating a more positive, excellent, constructive, productive professional as well as personal life as well.

10- Create a YouTube Gaming channel ( Very Interesting YouTube niche )

Viewers by and large are simply crazy about video games, and they spend a big part of the money on the same. Yes, considering their investment in the game, they want to check the review before they actually purchase the game. Yes, a gaming review will directly help the viewers, and you know that you can bring smiles on their faces through easing their tensions as well.

11- Create A Beauty Channel

Quite like the craze of people associated with cooking, beauty is another aspect which is highly regarded. Yes, your valuable tips on beauty, bridal makeup, hairstyle, etc. will go a long way towards creating a unique identity for your channel.

Yes, girls are quite conscious of their beauty and if you advise them certain creams or homemade remedial procedures, through which they can attain fair skin, etc., can certainly boost the ranking of your blog further.

12- Create An Educational Channel

You can create an educational channel by guiding students about the best courses they can apply along with tips and suggestions. Let’s not forget that a sizeable number of students pass Class 10 and 12 respectively every year who need guidance with regards to the best colleges/courses to apply.

If you hold experience in the same, then you can guide them along with suggesting ways for employment for those with requisite educational expertise.

13- Start a YouTube Channel With Tutorials and Guides


Do you know there are lots of queries which are searched online relating with WordPress, tips and tricks or solutions to problems of series of different subjects? Yes, so based on the subject/topic on which you have gained quite a proficiency, you can indeed create a YouTube channel for people to know about the frequent problems which they have been experiencing over the years.

Yes, every day lots of subjected related queries are searched, and you can create a YouTube Video which you think people often want to find answers for.

This will create quite an important mechanism from your side for your people who will be greatly helped. Yes, your online viewers will get instant solution to problems. So, this will undoubtedly prove to be quite a profitable niche idea for YouTube to start with.

14- Start a YouTube Channel With A Giveaway

Do you know that the biggest mechanism to get traffic for your YouTube channel is by creating “Giveaways”? Yes, if you have premium stuff to “Giveaway” such as apps, software or games, then online viewers will be attracted to. Yes, on the same lines, this will create quite a welcoming mechanism to generate initial traffic and popularity for your YouTube channel. So, you can create quite a favorable position for yourself along the same lines.

15- Create a YouTube Channel To Enlighten People About Traveling Expenditure

Are you thinking of who will watch this type of videos? Believe me , there are a huge percentage of people who want to know about the famous places, its related history, etc. and you can help them through the same.

Yes, you need to gather essential information to help tourists know about the marvelous places which are waiting for them to be visited. Yes, believe me, travelers really experience a lot of interest in understanding things about history, and your channel will find lots of viewers as well.

In the context of India, there are so many historical places, and you can start with the research by taking one at a time. India, being a traditionally rich country, most of the areas have interesting history attached to the same, and once you read those historical events, you will surely be going to gain interest which you just need to transfer to your valuable readers who are waiting to explore so many places in India.

Little Bit YouTube Video Ideas

Where to create such videos

You need to create videos at the place which is free from chaos and confusion. Yes, if there occasional noise and sound of vehicles or disturbance from people, then it will create disinterest amongst people. So, choose a location which is devoid of any disturbances.

The place you choose can be your own room or office. But it should not have echo or else even though you want to create the best of video. But echoing sound will probably create confusion with your readers.

Tips to adhere

  • You need to be prepared while facing the camera with the detailed information. Yes, several things matter such as maintaining a certain level of pitch, your hand movements, etc. and all of that count along with.
  • Your viewers are yours and engaging them with creative tactics should be your aim. So while creating videos those fumbles and fun moments can be added in a separate video to give a peak of your preparations. Your audience will like it.
  • Don’t forget to do proper editing of the video, later on, to make money online in a professional manner
  • Best Time To Upload YouTube Videos to Get More Views

Final thoughts

Finally, enroll yourself in the big world of YouTube channel video ideas where your expertise can decide on the nature of YouTube channel you would want to create for yourself.

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So, before you shoot your first video, wishing you Best of Luck. I hope the post has empowered you with detailed information regarding how you can generate YouTube Channel ideas for yourself within minutes.

And if you have some other unique and new ideas for starting a YouTube channel. Then do share them in the comment section with others.
Good Bye, Have a Nice day 🙂

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